DEEP is an Japanese mma organization wich was created in 2001 by Shigeru saeki and the first event was promoted on January 8, 2001.In 2003, Deep 2001 changed its name to Deep Their inaugural event took place in 2001 and featured Paulo Filho and Royler Gracie. DEEP was the subcontractor for pride and also produce the pride bushido series and pushed many fighter like ryo chonan gegard musashi cyrille diabate vitor shaolin ribero shinya aoki roan jucao and many more to pride and even the ufc

deep events are mainly in cage with rules of mma and kick boxing some of its event are also in rings and are accross all japan if you have the chance come see exiting and real quality live event and fight

deep is also holding the only women only fight card event in asia called deep jewels wich the current ufc fighter roxane modaferi fought during her carrer in japan

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